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Crossing The Line

So many clients and readers of this blog want success.

They want to succeed at something, a goal, a dream. Often fear of failure stops them. “What if I fail?” Paradoxically, a fear of success could also be holding them back. People tell me they truly want their goal, but despite their best efforts, with a workable action plan and so on, they don’t quite get there. I have found time and time again that the reason for that lack of success might be their subconscious mind is the problem. The subconscious can be likened to a programme. It runs 24/7. And it wants to keep us safe. It has been ‘looking after us’ for many years – it’s your comfort zone. I have realised that until you can ‘tell’ your subconscious that you are indeed safe and that it’s ok to let go; then it will always pull you back. Often an event from our childhood has instilled an unconscious belief that is still running today; one that is not longer useful. Once you deal with that block to progress, you are then free to cross the line.

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