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Do You Have a ‘Plan B’

If one thing is certain in these uncertain times it is this: There are no guarantees in life.

How many times have you heard or read this old saw?

Well, it is true. The economy seems to be stagnating; major retailers continue to lose money in their quest to make sales. The housing market is….well indeed, is there one at all? Financial institutions continue to fail.

Doom and Gloom everywhere!

How safe is your current employment? Would you get another job easily if you were to be ‘let go’? How long would your redundancy payments last?

Were there any guarantees anyway?

Nope – never were, never will be.

What can I do about all of this? I hear people ask this every day.

Develop a plan; devise a scheme whereby over time you insure yourself against uncertainty. As a result you in effect create your own insurance against failure.

One of my mantras is: ‘Through Clarity Comes Change’.

How is this relevant you ask?

You take the time to evaluate where you are now, what talents you have and how can those talents and skills be used to develop an escape route [Plan B].

Maybe Plan B is as simple as increasing your savings so that you could start a small business of some sort. Or invest in your own personal development and do a correspondence course.

Consider putting a little aside to engage a mentor or Life Coach to help you. Often a ‘second pair’ of eyes can uncover insights that might be just the breakthrough you need.

I urge you not to put this off. It is surprising how quickly circumstances change, and if you are not ready, then life can seem quite difficult until you can clearly see a way ahead.

And as you embark on this self development trail, you, and those close to you will undoubtedly benefit also!

Remember that guarantee!