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Do You Have a Plan?

Do you have a plan?

Or should I ask have you any goals, or dreams, or wishes, anything along these lines really?

Have you ever set a goal?

I bet you have!

How good are you at planning for a holiday [vacation], or considering a night out somewhere?

How about setting a goal to lose weight? That seems to be very common these days as a consequence of lifestyle decisions many of you unconsciously make every day.

You probably do that all the time.

At work you will have targets to meet – if you are in sales or finance, they will take the form of a budget.

Businesses set goals, targets and budgets all the time. They would not be very profitable for long without putting plans [or strategies], in place. Many will have short, medium and long term goals.

As an individual, most of you will not have much in the way of any sort of goal. You are just too busy to ‘think about it’ – right?

And yet the top 3% of achievers are regular goal setters. They are the ones whose personal growth and self development is the highest level.

Let’s face it – how often have we had something in mind, started our journey only to change our mind and either forget about the dream, or discover we want something else?

At least you started something.

The very essence of goal setting is to get clear as to what it is you want and then create a plan that gets you started toward achieving your dream.

If you do discover that your ‘dream’ is in fact not what you want after all, at least you now know more than you did before you began. A little more of the puzzle has been resolved.

That’s one of the great things about the process – the more you do it, the more clarity you will have until there comes a time when you are certain beyond a doubt what it is that you do value most.

Don’t let fear [of failure] or lack of self belief stop you from beginning.

Think about it like you would do planning a holiday and begin.

One day you will find your true path and your life will be transformed.

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