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Follow Your Passion

Our local paper has a front page article on a photographer who, after 40 years is about to follow his passion.
As a youngster he read fictional stories about African wildlife.
Straight after leaving school he worked in the darkroom for the same paper that features him today.
Now his passion for photographing wildlife has resulted in a [first ever], black and white photo featuring on the cover of the 21st edition of Wildlife Photographer of the Year.
This has been sufficient incentive for him to give up his job and fulfill a dream to build a photographic business.
This is a great story. It epitomises the power of patience, of persistence, of following your passion and being ready to make that leap into the unknown.
It is about getting clear about what you want and taking action consistently until you get the result you want.
In a couple of words personal development.
You can read the full article here.

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