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Health and Wellness

I have written about this many times before. The key message is that success or the pursuit of success is a waste of time if you are unwell. Poor health limits excellence. Poor health is limiting.
A key goal should always be robust good health, starting with a healthy diet. Poor food choices are no doubt the number one precursor to disease.
To achieve any worthwhile goal, begin with the end in mind. You will have a gap between where you are now and where you want to be [the goal]. Break your journey into easily achievable steps. Each step becomes a milestone. The more of these little milestones you can pass, the closer you get to your goal.
Confucius said it best: The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.
Following this process is really good for your own personal development not to say your sense of well being.
If you are unsure about food choices or diet, get some advice. Maybe just throw away all soda style drinks. Limit bread and maybe have a salad made with leafy greens. Go easy on the dressings. All store bought snack foods should be dumped. Drink more water.
Take a little exercise. Maybe commit to a brief walk late afternoons each day. Movement is good for your whole being.
These ideas are seemingly very simple and they are! Surprisingly many won’t even bother to start, which is why, on a global basis, diseases such as cancer, obesity, heart disease and diabetes are increasing at alarming rates.
A good idea is to take some basic measurements, waist, weight for example before you start. Over time you can revisit these. It is a simple way to judge your progress.
I invite you to begin to make small changes today.
If you have no idea how or where to begin, then email me. Together we can get you started.