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How to do better

Doing better or being better is what coaching is all about.

So how you do or be better?

One good way is to engage the services of a Life Coach or Mentor.

Another way is to be open to suggestions from friends and colleagues. It’s a great irony don’t you think that ‘you’ are very very good at pointing out the faults, weaknesses and traits of everyone but yourselves!

Somehow you just don’t see where or how you can make positive change for the better for yourself.

I had this experience the other day.

I met my friend Bill for a coffee. Actually Bill had a business proposition to put to me and, as is the way of the world these days, we agreed to meet in a cafe to discuss his proposal as well as swap a few ideas.

Bill is a very successful entrepreneur. Therefore by default he is very creative and observant.

During the earlier part of our meeting Bill gave me his views on this website, what he felt is good, what could be improved.

I listened and I took notes. I could have chosen to become defensive and just clam up but I didn’t.

I’m glad that I listened.

Bill reckons the word clarity [through clarity comes change] is not very powerful. A word like Focus might be better.

My header graphic has a man leaping into the air. Where’s the female and child Bill asks? I might be limiting my appeal to only men because of this.

I need a logo. I now have a magnifying glass. This could go with the word focus.

Hmmn – I’m starting to take notice. Perhaps he has a point.

Bill went on to give me suggestions regarding testimonials.

What about my business card?

And so on.

I might adopt some or all of Bill’s ideas. I am thankful for his honest and constructive ideas.

Even the coach can learn stuff!

Because the reality is that life is a process. The only constant is change and surely is the rate of change accelerating for all of you.

How you cope and prepare for this is up to you. What action will you take to be or do better?

So thanks Bill.

Be the change you wish to see in the world. Mahatma Ghandi

Watch this space and see what changes are made.

P.S. Bill calls himself a ‘changeovatorwho is setting up ‘friendchises‘ for online clubs of terrific people.

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