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self-development-1Since the release of the hit DVD ‘The Secret’ and its exposure on the Oprah TV show there has been an inundation of Law of Attraction Teachers promoting their own books, Cd’s, courses, teleseminars and so on. Its launch was prefaced by some very good marketing – and I for one could not wait to get my hands on the DVD!

One can even become a Law of Attraction Coach. You can even do this [become a LOA Coach], online using mp3 and teleseminars as the principal training method!

What fascinates me is the growth in products offering programmes to help you understand ‘The Secret behind The Secret’.

This has been spawned by the unprecedented global popularity of The Secret pretty much from day one of its release.

It clearly shows there here are a huge number of people looking for self development information; some way to improve their lives, whatever that means for them. It also demonstrates that, for many people, implementing the principles of the Law of Attraction has not worked.

Many popular books have been around for a long time now that espouse the principals of the Law of Attraction: The all time classic Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich” , lesser known is Wallace Wattles’ ” The Science of Getting Rich“, Charles F. Haanel’s “The Master Key System” or more recently, John Kehoe’s “Mind Power” and many others.

Clearly, there’s no ‘Secret’ as such, but there are a set of principles that, if applied diligently, can really help you make a positive difference in your life. It is possible to re create your circumstances, after all you [probably unconsciously], created the circumstances you currently experience [attracted].

Here’s the real secret – you need to work in a focussed way before these principles will work for you.

It’s what I do as a Life Coach.

First – you must get clear as to what you really want and get clear as to why.

Second – be in alignment with your values.

And then you can begin to get into it – but there are plenty of little ‘traps’ along the path to success, which I won’t discuss in this post.

Remember my ‘mantra’ on the Home Page?

Through clarity comes change.

If you would like a free initial consultation as to how I can help you or would like a free digital copy of Think and Grow Rich or The Science of Getting Rich fill in the form on this site and I will get in touch.

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