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Taking Responsibility – or not

Recent publicity over synthetic cannabis and its evil effects just shows how many kiwis are condemning themselves to a life of failure and degradation.
There are other ways of “getting through my day” than relying on an unnatural substance – so “I can cope with life.”
This is nothing less than a total cop out.
Sadly, many social agencies condone such behaviour, ultimately at the expense of those who get going and do their best to gain employment and pay their way in the world.
Taking the easy way out has no reward. History tells us this.
Anything worthwhile – and I suggest increasing one’s own self worth; self – esteem and thus placing one self into a position of becoming an attractive proposition for future prospects does take hard work. Consistent hard work.
As a passionate advocate of personal development here at Aha Factor, I am available to talk to any one less than [honestly] happy with where they are without conditions.
I challenge you to get in touch.