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The Art of Listening

An essential skill in coaching is having the ability to listen. To be fully focussed on what your client is saying.
We listen to understand, not to reply.
My reply or response should be to ask feedback questions to ensure that I comprehend what my client is saying.
Once I have that clarity, I can then contribute to the conversation.
In Japan, there are people whose job it is to listen, and not to comment at all!
I can see how useful this might be.
A client, if you will, is free to dump his stuff – to fully unload what’s on his mind.
In the process, it is possible that during this one way dialogue, the client actually has his own realisation; his own “aha!”; and thus a pathway forward.
You too might consider this as something you’d like to do.
If so, fill in the form on the contact me section, and let me just listen without judgement of any kind.
A new way of self development.