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The more, the more

The more our pace of life seems to accelerate, the more fearful people have become. With the rise of social media, the greater the ease with which we can connect with each other. This seems to be having a rather negative effect. Cyberbullying, fake news are two that come to mind. The more ‘friends’ we have, the more distracted we become. Unconscious, unaware, forgetful. A recent news item is pertinent: a mother banned her early teen daughters from all social media activity. Their task was to prepare for and take the end of year exams. Unsurprisingly, what had been declining achievement was turned around. In just one term, the sisters improved their results. On average we connect 80 times per day!
In fact, we are forgetting what normal looks like.
The answer? Get clear, set a goal, limit time on distractions and watch your life improve. Better health, better productivity, better relationships, an easier life. Need help with this? Email me. Just fill in the contact form and let’s get started.