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The Seven Why’s

The Seven Why’s

When it comes to goal setting it’s a good idea to dig deep to ensure that what you want will be beneficial to you , or your business or your loved ones.

Ideally, your goal will benefit all three

Any personal growth work has a hoped for positive intention. To become a better version of yourself.

You decide on a goal – what you want to achieve. What is the timing – short term, medium term or long term? Put another way do you want the goal now, in 6 months or maybe next year?

Once you have consolidated your thinking to this point, its a good idea to ask your self why you need or want that outcome. For each answer ask why another 6 times. Some answers might take some deep thought. However this process will ensure that you have clarity, that despite all of the so called “objections”, [those pesky ‘why’s’], the desire is still burning inside you. It’s confirmation that you have permission to proceed, to take action; to take the first step on the path to going for the goal.

There is another approach that is worth considering – at least occasionally; your why might be “for no reason.” You just want it. How often have you had a gut feeling and decided to act immediately based on that feeling? That gut feeling or intuition is often worth listening to. Keep in mind that this idea does not condone recklessness!

I invite you try these concepts out.

Let me know how you get on.

If you would like some help with goal setting, or making changes for the better, feel free to get in touch.

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