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What are You waiting for?

It is now winter here in New Zealand. It is a proper winter too, so far we have had cold frosts, early dumps of snow and storms.
For many, cold weather means play time. Skiing in the mountains in particular. For most of us it is a time to hibernate, get miserable and wait for spring to arrive with its attendant warmer temperatures.
In effect we shut down.
Do you experience this routine? Get up in the dark, go to work, get home just before darkness returns if you are lucky. The curtains get drawn and the heaters turned on. You will prepare and eat hot food, healthier options like raw live food such as salads are not even a consideration.
Have you noticed most people’s body language in winter?
Heads are down, arms folded close to the body, shoulders hunched, a picture of withdrawal from engagement.
It is easy to be and feel miserable. It is even easier to put off setting new goals, reevaluating your circumstances and putting plans in place for a better future.
And yet you have so much more time indoors in winter, you are not out and about much [ if at all]. You have time to plan, to dream and scheme, but you don’t.
It is a if all thoughts of personal development are put on hold until the warmer weather arrives.
Have you considered the implications of this?
It means that half of your life is put on hold: ‘When I feel better I’ll make plans, but I’m too gloomy right now to even think about my own self improvement“.

So you spend half of our life waiting, there is no momentum. When spring does come around you plan to start, however it takes time to build momentum, to make real progress which in effect means that more than half of you life is spent waiting.

Might as well buy a lottery ticket and hope.

Hoping of course will guarantee you stay stuck. ” I’m hoping I’ll get better – someday.”

So, I encourage you to ‘get out there’ in the fresh air – go for a fast walk – even for 10 minutes – get your blood pumping and energise yourself.

Imagine how good you will feel just by doing that one small thing. Remember, you are doing it for your self, for you own self improvement and well being.

If you think this is too hard or you need some encouragement, talk to a coach or a mentor; just get going; you’ll be glad you did.

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