If one thing is certain in these uncertain times it is this: There are no guarantees in life.

How many times have you heard or read this old saw?

Well, it is true. The economy seems to be stagnating; major retailers continue to lose money in their quest to make sales. The housing market is….well indeed, is there one at all? Financial institutions continue to fail.

Doom and Gloom everywhere!

How safe is your current employment? Would you get another job easily if you were to be ‘let go’? How long would your redundancy payments last?

Were there any guarantees anyway?

Nope – never were, never will be.

What can I do about all of this? I hear people ask this every day.

Develop a plan; devise a scheme whereby over time you insure yourself against uncertainty. As a result you in effect create your own insurance against failure.

One of my mantras is: ‘Through Clarity Comes Change’.

How is this relevant you ask?

You take the time to evaluate where you are now, what talents you have and how can those talents and skills be used to develop an escape route [Plan B].

Maybe Plan B is as simple as increasing your savings so that you could start a small business of some sort. Or invest in your own personal development and do a correspondence course.

Consider putting a little aside to engage a mentor or Life Coach to help you. Often a ‘second pair’ of eyes can uncover insights that might be just the breakthrough you need.

I urge you not to put this off. It is surprising how quickly circumstances change, and if you are not ready, then life can seem quite difficult until you can clearly see a way ahead.

And as you embark on this self development trail, you, and those close to you will undoubtedly benefit also!

Remember that guarantee!

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An essential skill in coaching is having the ability to listen. To be fully focussed on what your client is saying.
We listen to understand, not to reply.
My reply or response should be to ask feedback questions to ensure that I comprehend what my client is saying.
Once I have that clarity, I can then contribute to the conversation.
In Japan, there are people whose job it is to listen, and not to comment at all!
I can see how useful this might be.
A client, if you will, is free to dump his stuff – to fully unload what’s on his mind.
In the process, it is possible that during this one way dialogue, the client actually has his own realisation; his own “aha!”; and thus a pathway forward.
You too might consider this as something you’d like to do.
If so, fill in the form on the contact me section, and let me just listen without judgement of any kind.
A new way of self development.

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I have written about this many times before. The key message is that success or the pursuit of success is a waste of time if you are unwell. Poor health limits excellence. Poor health is limiting.
A key goal should always be robust good health, starting with a healthy diet. Poor food choices are no doubt the number one precursor to disease.
To achieve any worthwhile goal, begin with the end in mind. You will have a gap between where you are now and where you want to be [the goal]. Break your journey into easily achievable steps. Each step becomes a milestone. The more of these little milestones you can pass, the closer you get to your goal.
Confucius said it best: The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.
Following this process is really good for your own personal development not to say your sense of well being.
If you are unsure about food choices or diet, get some advice. Maybe just throw away all soda style drinks. Limit bread and maybe have a salad made with leafy greens. Go easy on the dressings. All store bought snack foods should be dumped. Drink more water.
Take a little exercise. Maybe commit to a brief walk late afternoons each day. Movement is good for your whole being.
These ideas are seemingly very simple and they are! Surprisingly many won’t even bother to start, which is why, on a global basis, diseases such as cancer, obesity, heart disease and diabetes are increasing at alarming rates.
A good idea is to take some basic measurements, waist, weight for example before you start. Over time you can revisit these. It is a simple way to judge your progress.
I invite you to begin to make small changes today.
If you have no idea how or where to begin, then email me. Together we can get you started.

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I often wonder why online marketers bother with their automated “cheat” sytems attempting to hijack legitimate websites in a vain attempt to divert the genuine reader and followers to their dodgy rubbish.
As in life, you won’t get very far by cheating or taking short cuts.
If you want anything worthwhile, hire a coach, set some gaols and take action. Your sense of self – worth automatically lifts.
Life begins to get better.
You will experience ups and downs, highs and lows, some failure, but that’s life. Those that are prepared to pick them selves up, persevere until the end is reached, will find that all of that pain, that fear and doubt was well worth it.