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Our local paper has a front page article on a photographer who, after 40 years is about to follow his passion.
As a youngster he read fictional stories about African wildlife.
Straight after leaving school he worked in the darkroom for the same paper that features him today.
Now his passion for photographing wildlife has resulted in a [first ever], black and white photo featuring on the cover of the 21st edition of Wildlife Photographer of the Year.
This has been sufficient incentive for him to give up his job and fulfill a dream to build a photographic business.
This is a great story. It epitomises the power of patience, of persistence, of following your passion and being ready to make that leap into the unknown.
It is about getting clear about what you want and taking action consistently until you get the result you want.
In a couple of words personal development.
You can read the full article here.

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You may not enjoy or even agree with the brutal world of boxing, but last night Shane Cameron demonstrated the results of focused goal setting.

In his words:

“I wrote in my diary at the start of the year this was going to be my year – this is going to be my year.”

Using a diary or journal like this is excellent for your personal development.

Along with his coach he set a plan in motion that was in alignment with his desire. He took extra steps such as travelling to Britain to train with an ex heavy weight boxer in order to increase his chances of success.

The result is a clear demonstration of some of the principles of how to succeed at anything.

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As we get closer to the ‘festive season’ it is timely to quickly review how well 2011 has been for you.

For many of course, for a variety of reasons [many self caused I might add], Christmas will not be festive at all.

Whether this is the case for you or not, please consider undertaking a review.

What went well, and what did not go so well this year? What could you have done better and what lessons have you learned along the way. And will you be prepared to take the necessary action steps to ensure you do not experience a repeat of the negative stuff.

A great place to start, as with any project, is to get clear as to what it is you would like to have, be or do for the future.

Ben Stein advises thus: ‘The indispensible first step to getting the things you want out of life is this: decide what you want.’

Of course the more clearly you can visualise your dream, the more likely you are to begin the process of becoming more successful.

And in Sam Horn’s book ‘POP – Stand out in any crowd’; Yogi Berra cautions; ‘ If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll end up somewhere else.’

Which in a way is the advice given in Alice in Wonderland: ‘If you don’t know which path you are following, then any path will do.’

Napoleon Hill talks about having a ‘burning desire’. A burning desire will lead you on to greater and better things. However this often requires that you get clear, you set goals and you keep going until you succeed.

You will go down a blind alley or two. You may invest in a particular programme or book or course only to discover that it was not the ‘right one’ for you. What you will have gained from this though is more clarity; you keep going with a little more certainty and determination.

That’s one of the key reasons I introduce you to selected personal improvement products and ideas.

It is my goal to be as helpful as I can to get you over the start line toward a better life – whatever that may mean for you.

It is why I am a life coach.

So remember: perseverance always wins!

Take some time out, have a good old think about things and write some ideas down. Let those ideas circulate for a while or share them with someone who knows you well; maybe they’ll have something valuable to add.

Then begin to create a plan.

Make a decision that no matter what, 2012 will be better than 2011, and 2013 will be better again!

Start the flow of possibility.

Your Coach


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A lesson from Steve Jobs – it is brief – listen carefully and implement the lesson. I you don’t know what to do, send me an email.

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Something to ponder.
Why is it that the topic of this article Personal Development and Self Growth are part of one of the biggest categories on the internet?
And one of the biggest at Amazon?
Could it be that so many of you are not entirely satisfied with your lot in life, and you are looking for something more, or something better?
There’s nothing wrong with that of course. It’s probably a trait common to humanity, constantly seeking, looking for that little piece of magic that will transform one’s life.
Yet, most only look, they do not take action, they do not set goals [ maybe in their head they do], and so they remain right where they are.
Still dreaming, still looking; not getting any self growth, not developing, just hoping.
I call it being stuck
Then again many of you do take action – every week.You gamble.You place a bet at the local lottery store. Why? No doubt because most of you believe that more money is the great cure all, and all those niggly problems will just go away!
That’s partly true.
What if you had everything you need right now?
Those who are practitioners of Metaphysics often say that you do!
Life Coaches will say it – often.
Stop, take time out, write a list of all that you have, including family and relationships, job or no job and so on.
Then write what’s good or not so good about each item on your list.
Then write down what life would be like if each was to become ‘better’.
Then write a plan – of action steps – to start contributing to that improvement. You might discuss some things with your partner, or friend, or dare I say it; your coach.
Even one extra smile at a stranger, one less mouthful of food at each meal, one more walk around the block, just one more positive thought will make all the difference.
As long as you do it consistently.
Give it say 4 months, beging to increase the amount and quality of each change after a few weeks.
And, all of those small steps will add up to Self Growth, to Personal Development, which is really what those terms mean.
Keeping a diary or journal about your journey can be useful as well.
As always, I am here to help, so get in touch and let’s get going toward a beautiful life!

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I have just watched a video by John Spence.

John is ranked as one of the top 100 thought leaders in the US.

What excites me about the video is that it follows closely the teachings of Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich.

I’m also excited to see that the 3 steps to success that John espouses are precisiely the steps I use with my coaching clients.

If you are serious about your own personal growth, then take the time, about 35 minutes to watch and learn. if you would then like to take action on these principles, contact me by email: the address is

Meanwhile, enjoy the video.

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I’m sure you will be familiar with the question: “How do you eat an elephant?” And the answer is “one bite at a time”.
It is a useful analogy for setting big goals – you know the goals that get you closer to realizing your dream.
There’s power in dreaming big if you begin the journey toward getting what you want.
However it is also very easy to waste that power as you let things slip a little and before long your dream is still as far away as it always was.
Later on you might pick it up again only to let it go once more.
Have you ever experienced this? Getting excited and energised about an idea only to let it drop sometime later?
Have you ever experienced this cycle happening more than once in your life?
I bet you have, and you are not alone.
It is easy to have big dreams, and big plans, the kinds of desires that could transport you into another life a whole new way of being.
So why do you, and plenty of others, let them slip away?
Why do you slide back into mediocrity and let things ‘happen’ to you?
Imagine if you will, actually achieving that dream – what would your life be like, what would it look like, tastelike and feel like?
Take a few minutes perhaps with your eyes closed to get all of your senses tuned in to that ideal.
Coming back into reality now and notice how this feels – not so good huh?
What can you do?
Reset the goal – just make sure it is something you truly want.
Create an action plan, a series of small steps that take you forwards every day.
Find a coach or a mentor to help you stay on track.

Follow the steps outlined in Think and Grow Rich, Hill’s process works, providing you take the time to understand and implement his teaching.

This an excellent process for your own personal growth and success.

You must have faith in yourself that you can do it, you must believe you will get there and you must persist – do something evry day.

And beat your biggest enemy procrastination! You beat him by starting now – no excuses.

If you need help and or advice, email me. Just fill in the form at the top of my home page and lets’ make 2011 your best ever year!

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A couple of days ago a friend invited me to attend a presentation for a new MLM [Multi - Level Marketing] company launching in New Zealand.

No big deal. No doubt you [like me], get invitations to ‘get in early’ on the next new thing.

With the advent of the internet MLM opportunities abound. And the power of leverage through duplication has reached new heights through this medium.

What still fascinates me is the stigma or bad rap that attaches itself to MLM.

For every opportunity, there seems to be somebody when reckons it’s a scam, or it won’t work, or there’s no money to be made and so on.

And I am sure you a familiar with these scenarios.

MLM does offer a way for Mr and Mrs Average to go into business for themselves with relatively low capital or risk.

So why are so many people closed to the idea in these times of job insecurity of creating an ‘insurance policy’ against possible lay off, or just building a nest egg for the future?

There are many, many  answers to that question so I won’t bore you with a whole raft of explanations.

What I will say is this:

Any new venture requires consistent application, dedication and perseverance.

You go to work don’t you? You spend on average 40 hours every week in exchange for wages or a salary.

How many hours per week do you or would you put into a new venture that holds the promise of additional, maybe replacement income on a consistent basis?

How many people do you know that have told you that it [the new venture] got too hard?

How many of you were just ‘3 feet from Gold?

Was there a written goal statement with a time line. Was there an action plan? Was there a burning desire and faith in yourself to keep going no matter what? Were you persistent and consistent, passionate even.

One thing MLM consistently offers is a path to personal development, an opportunity to develop yourself by learning from others and going out and doing the business.

The upside is always a better you a more positive you and maybe a more secure you. The upside comes with consistent application.

Robert Kiyosaki and Jack Canfield among other luminaries espouse the benefits of MLM.

One way to really benefit is to study carefully Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich and begin to apply the lessons to your own life. For many of you that is not an easy thing to do.

I am revisiting these teachings and seeing them in a new light.

If you would like some help fill in your details and hit the send button.

Everything starts with an action – take some action today.

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