“It is a privilege and pleasure to be able to provide comments on what our work together has done for me.

As you know, I tend to get very “focused” on whatever is happening in my life at the time, particularly as it relates to work – no absolutely as it relates to work!  And I do that at the expense of the rest of the areas of my life that are important.

My Coaching sessions with you have helped me recognize the importance of paying attention to and developing the other areas of my life that are just as important as my work life – maybe even more important because the effectiveness of the social and health aspects of my life determine how effective I am at work.  Our Coaching sessions have definitely helped me keep all aspects of my life in balance!

Am I done?  Of course not!  I know that creating a balanced and satisfying life IS a lifetime journey!  Having my Coach (you) available for a “checkup” on a regular basis will keep me on track.  That is a must for me.

Phil, I have to admit that I was skeptical in the beginning because I didn’t think that Coaching over the phone, from one hemisphere to another and with 18 hours time difference would work.  My skepticism was unfounded.  It worked!

Thanks so much Phil”.

Dee Eilert
Holland, Michigan

Hi Phil

Happy New Year to you. I have had a fantastic 3 week break and I’m feeling relaxed and in no hurry to get back into the madness of the last few months of last year. I have 2 more weeks left at xxxxx, then another 2 weeks off before starting with Education Services.

I have a 3 week training period in New Plymouth and Rotorua before setting up the Auckland office and getting stuck in. On the personal front, I am happy. Xxxx and I have spent the Christmas/New Year period together and are getting along very well. We are heading to Whangamata for the long week-end. Y2008 was a very busy time for me.

I managed to achieve all of the goals I set for myself with the exception of quitting smoking. In reflection I am happy with what I have achieved. Never the less, quitting smoking is on the top of my list this year. My aim is to achieve this in the period when I am on holiday before starting my new job.

I will keep you posted.

Thank-you for all you have done for me. There was a period when I felt quite desperate, but thank goodness that is behind me.

[Names Witheld by Request]

“I engaged Phil Linklater of the “Aha Factor Company” for a weekly Coaching session over a three-month period. The focus was to make a meaningful change to my life. Having another person who is not directly related to you or your work is a powerful concept and helps towards your progress.

Somebody in the background saying you can do this, advances your thoughts into, I can and I will. Often it is some small task that holds us back from achieving and a little encouragement is sufficient to overcome the obstacle. One of the goals I set wasn’t achievable or in my best interest in the form I set it at the time.

We did some work on it, and now some months later it has become a key part in my present business formula. Coaching is a personal thing and you must have a relationship that is trustworthy and very professional, Phil is that type of person and I recommend him to those people who want to achieve, solve problems and be highly effective and successful.”

Peter M Vale,
NZ Hazards Ltd.,

” I have been an ongoing client of Phil Linklater (the AHA FACTOR) I am pleased to offer this recommendation as Phil has provided the structure I have needed to get momentum into the sales area of my business as well as personal health & fitness.

Phil has a style of coaching that works well especially for the entrepreneur or busy manager. He has been able to keep me focused on the important areas of my life and business. After a relatively short period I have actually done more of the important things and been able to dump or delegate more of the unimportant things”

Rhys Coffin
Managing Director
Icon Studios (Sth Akld) Ltd