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You could say I’m a late developer!

Most of my life has been spent wandering around unconscious – probably like you and many others – just cruising along, going to work, playing some sport paying the bills getting married, having kids, having a holiday at the end of the year.

Running along in the background has always been the better job, house, car, boat lifestyle etc but without the financial means to acquire them , they remained a pipe dream.

Plenty of people I knew had these things, they had the same kind of job as I did, their circumstances were similar.
What was the difference?

Often it takes some kind of ‘event’ to occur before you shake yourself out of your reverie and take some action.
For me, it was the break up of my marriage.

This meant I had to find a job with regular hours and income that would allow me some certainty around bringing up my very young daughter and paying the mortgage.

I got the job – no problem – sadly it was a repeat of where I’d been before!

From a friend’s referral, I found a person who gave me a nudge. She said after I had done some exercises over a week or two that I would be good as a teacher of what I do [ at that time I was in sales]. This had never occurred to me!

I had always been fascinated by what made people tick, how did some get to where they were [successful], whilst others like me stayed on struggle street.

I began to immerse myself in self-help material attended courses and seminars, trained in NLP to Master Practitioner level, became a certified Life Coach, a Reiki Master and a true believer in possibility not problems centric.

Through my own experiences, I know that you can truly change your life, your circumstances for the better. It just might need the help of someone who has been there before you.

I wish I knew much earlier in my life what I do now!

Phil Linklater

Life & Business Coach
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