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Getting what you want out of life is simple. It’s not easy for most, but it is simple. The first step is figuring out what you want, and why you want it.

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I help you get what you want.

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I have been an ongoing client of Phil Linklater (the AHA FACTOR) I am pleased to offer this recommendation as Phil has provided the structure I have needed to get momentum into the sales area of my business as well as personal health & fitness.

Phil has a style of coaching that works well especially for the entrepreneur or busy manager. He has been able to keep me focused on the important areas of my life and business. After a relatively short period I have actually done more of the important things and been able to dump or delegate more of the unimportant things.

Rhys Coffin
Managing Director
Icon Studios (Sth Akld) Ltd

My Story

You could say I’m a late developer!

Most of my life has been spent wandering around unconscious – probably like you and many others – just cruising along, going to work, playing some sport paying the bills getting married, having kids, having a holiday at the end of the year.

Running along in the background has always been thoughts of a better job, house, car, boat lifestyle etc but without the financial means to acquire them, they remained a pipe dream. Stuck in the usual mindset, study, get a good job, save up so I can have a comfortable retirement. This model is one where I work my butt off so I can pay my bills when I am older!  Is there a better way? You bet there is!

Phil Linklater - Life & Business Coach
Phil Linklater - Life & Business Coach

Aha Factor Blog


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