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Are you at peace?

“You feel at peace when you have no unfinished business.”
This may seem like a foregone conclusion; and maybe prompt a “so?”
However very few of us are at peace. Ever.
You may feel pretty good that your to do list has been taking care of, all task done or scheduled to be done. Yet there’s a quiet unease, something else is running around in your consciousness; something you can’t quite put your finger on.
That indicates that there’s other ‘stuff’ not properly addressed, not sorted out and so in reality there’s no peace.
Many who practice personal growth or personal development may experience this phenomena regularly.
No matter how much work they do on themselves or how much they aspire to improve, there remains a lack of peace.
What to do?
Speak to your coach, have a couple of sessions in an attempt to unlock the blocks to progress and peace.
Ponder upon this and contact me if you don’t breakthrough.
[Here’s a clue: fear is your biggest enemy].