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This might be a strange topic for coaching. However you ought to be striving to live a harmonious life, one that is in balance. Look at all aspects, family, career, relationships, health and so on. Which aspects of your life are suffering because you are not paying attention to them?
It may be that you are focussing on only one or perhaps two aspects in order to arrive at a point where you can begin to rebalance.
It could be that you are working extended hours or even two jobs in order to pay your bills or save enough to get ahead. You are doing this consciously at the expense of quality time with your children and recreation. Which is great – providing you have a specific target or end date that will let you renew that which is important to you.
If you are struggling in one area or more and not doing anything at all then your own personal growth ceases. You become stagnant, stuck. Knowing this and taking action by contacting a life coach for help will help accelerate your progress toward a better life. You will grow as a result.
Have a look at this brief video that demonstrates clearly how nature can rebound from poor ecology.