What Does ‘AHA’ Mean?

Life CoachAha Factor?

What is this? I hear you ask?

What does this mean?

I’ll tell you.

After I completed my Life Coach training and gained certification from my trainers in 2003, I then had a dilemma – what will I call my business?

It had to be something that reflected my values and conveyed a sense of what I am about.

I spent some months with a designer who specialises in this area and one day out of the blue I got it – like the lights being turned on: ‘Aha!’

No doubt you have read about people [especially with most writings on achievement and personal development] to having an  ‘aha moment’. Well this seemed to pop up all over the place after I had registered the company name.

It seemed to me to be an endorsement of the concept of ‘Aha’.

There’s a slight difference – aha ‘factor’.

The principal of ‘aha factor’ implies a subtlety that goes beyond a ‘moment’ in time although breakthroughs do occur in a nano second!

It’s like going back in time to when I was a kid asking the usual ‘what, why, when, where, who & how’ of those whom I thought might have the answer.

And that’s what it’s like in the coaching process. My aim is help you make lasting beneficial change not just setting goals or me measuring my success on how many goals you achieve with me.

It’s one thing to realise a goal or a dream, it is quite another thing to make those new habits stick.

Call it insight.

‘Aaaaah – now I get it’

I hope you do, because that’s my focus. Lasting success for you.

I use quotes from other people quite a lot – also stories or metaphor in my work, many of these you will read when you come back visiting my blog.

For starters I am reproducing a story about excellence in my next post. It is not very long but to me illustrates beautifully many great things that successful people do – even though they have nothing more to prove to the world.

Because – life is a process, there is no end game [apart from the obvious one!], so I invite you to join with me on the journey toward excellence.

Phil Linklater


The Aha Factor