Aha Factor Blog


I received a prompt today.

What is my calling?

Can I confirm or get ideas as to what my calling might be?

The Awakener appeared.

What does that mean?

In short, to wake up! Look around at all the distracted sleepers who stumble from one distraction to another. Are you one of them?

You have a choice; to stay docile and indifferent or shake yourself into life. Arise and stand up to the “dark horsemen” – or never experience the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of full consciousness.

The struggle is always between the material and the spiritual and is never ending. How many times do you learn the lesson, “stuff” never satisfies for long.

You are invited to break away from the state of dulled apathy to become who you truly are. It’s a state of being.

Ask yourself: “Who or what do I need to become in order to ……….” fill in the blank.

Maybe you don’t have the answer to that right now. First you need to become aware of your state of slumber. Resisting and fighting what is won’t help. Accepting what is, in this moment will help. From this place of surrender [you are not giving in, but you are allowing; being receptive] you open yourself up to enquiry. Perhaps brainstorming possibility is a good start.

If you are truly satisfied with your lot in life, as it is right now, then there’ll be no ‘niggle’ when you seek confirmation of that fact. If there is even the slightest sensation that arises in your body in response to “am I happy, content, satisfied right now?”, then take that as a sign that things could be better.

Will you rise to the challenge to raise the bar or will you settle for discontent?

My calling is to help you move away for discontent toward a greater degree of satisfaction in your life. Get in touch If you are curious as to how you might begin to make meaningful change in your life.