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More on the Law of Attraction

I may have referred to the ‘phenomenon’ of the ‘why the secret doesn’t work’ or ‘the secret behind the secret‘ industry that has blossomed since the launch of the very successful DVD ‘The Secret’.

One reason for the success of ‘The Secret’ is that it has been presented in modern day language and formats that people relate to more easily than many of the earlier writings such as Napoleon Hill’s ‘Think and Grow Rich’ or Wallace Wattles’ ‘The Sceince of Getting Rich’ along with many others.

One of the original ‘teachers’ pulled out of ‘The Secret’ but who has a huge following is Esther Hicks along with her husband Jerry.

Esther channels an entity called ‘Abraham’ who imparts much wisdom.

For your own personal development I highly recommend Esther and Jerry’s writings.

Their latest creation ‘The Vortex’ has just been released. I have a you tube extract for you to watch.

Pay attention as in the dialogue are clues as to how to apply the Law of Attraction to your self.

Many of the principals of the Law of Attraction are reinforced by my coaching programmes.

Engaging the services of a coach will keep you focussed where you need to be.

The ideas in ‘The Vortex’ will help as well.

As my mentor tells it, one can take a very long time getting what you want or you can speed it up by having someone like a coach to keep you on the path.

Enjoy the clip!

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