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Personal Development: My Thoughts

What is personal development?

I think it is made up of a whole lot of actions and activities. These could include things like improving identity (who am I, really?) and knowledge of ones self.

Also included could be the development of our own talents and latent potential which could lead to increased employability and an overall enhancement of the quality of life that we experience.

Self development is tied to our realisation of our dreams and aspirations.

The concept of personal development covers a wider field than self-development or self-help; it also includes developing other people, and by extension refers to the methods, programs, tools, techniques, and assessment systems used in personal development. Which is where it is appropriate to introduce Coaching into this discussion.
Personal development is probably as old as civilisation itself – so what does it mean?

Well that’s a question that is guaranteed to provide a myriad of subjective answers! Where an individual embarks on his or her quest to better themselves, we could say that they are on the path of self-improvement. They buy books, go to seminars even research the Internet – they are doing it by themselves. And many make excellent progress.

The distinction I am making here is that when the process of self – help or self – development changes to one of personal improvement, where, given our definition above, an individual will seek out the services of a teacher, mentor or coach. In other words they go beyond self – learning to being guided – often at an accelerated rate – toward that which they would like to achieve.

By utilising the services of a Life Coach, a person on the path toward developing him or herself will require that individual to get really clear as to what it is he or she is attempting to realise. An element of objectivity is introduced to the process, which might otherwise not be the case if that person were to ‘go it alone’.

There are often more options to consider, a degree of accountability and some form of time line and strategy developed in conjunction with a Life Coach that is part of the process n individual might unwittingly leave out.
I guess this fits with the old adage that ‘two heads are better than one’ – another perspective if you like.

Many of us aspire to a better life – we just don’t know how best to start that improvement. For example we have all witnessed the amazing success that is ‘The Secret’. Yet how many are aware of the massive industry that has grown around’ the secret behind the secret’?

In other words there is a ‘secret’ to success and most of us cannot get beyond our limiting beliefs [those ‘voices that hold us back] without some assistance.

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