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Something to ponder.
Why is it that the topic of this article Personal Development and Self Growth are part of one of the biggest categories on the internet?
And one of the biggest at Amazon?
Could it be that so many of you are not entirely satisfied with your lot in life, and you are looking for something more, or something better?
There’s nothing wrong with that of course. It’s probably a trait common to humanity, constantly seeking, looking for that little piece of magic that will transform one’s life.
Yet, most only look, they do not take action, they do not set goals [ maybe in their head they do], and so they remain right where they are.
Still dreaming, still looking; not getting any self growth, not developing, just hoping.
I call it being stuck
Then again many of you do take action – every week.You gamble.You place a bet at the local lottery store. Why? No doubt because most of you believe that more money is the great cure all, and all those niggly problems will just go away!
That’s partly true.
What if you had everything you need right now?
Those who are practitioners of Metaphysics often say that you do!
Life Coaches will say it – often.
Stop, take time out, write a list of all that you have, including family and relationships, job or no job and so on.
Then write what’s good or not so good about each item on your list.
Then write down what life would be like if each was to become ‘better’.
Then write a plan – of action steps – to start contributing to that improvement. You might discuss some things with your partner, or friend, or dare I say it; your coach.
Even one extra smile at a stranger, one less mouthful of food at each meal, one more walk around the block, just one more positive thought will make all the difference.
As long as you do it consistently.
Give it say 4 months, beging to increase the amount and quality of each change after a few weeks.
And, all of those small steps will add up to Self Growth, to Personal Development, which is really what those terms mean.
Keeping a diary or journal about your journey can be useful as well.
As always, I am here to help, so get in touch and let’s get going toward a beautiful life!

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