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Success Lessons From World Champ

Life Coach rossiMy article below will help to illustrate what I am attempting to get across – that beyond goals and goal setting is the possibility of helping my clients makes lasting beneficial change.

I have a passing interest in motor sport. In fact I’m a bit of a [aging], petrol head! I have just read a newspaper article [New Zealand Herald] on the recent Moto GP Formula 1 round at San Marino. Valentino Rossi won. He has been world champion 7 times, but lost that title to Casey Stoner last year. I think Stoner might have a better [faster], bike. Stoner was leading by 3 seconds by the end of the second lap! Stoner crashed out, Rossi went on to win and now leads the championship with 5 races to go.

What got my attention in the article was this….” We have a 75 point lead which means that up to now we’ve been very strong, we’ve never let up, and more than everything we’ve kept our heads held high even during difficulties,” said Rossi, who has finished runner up in the last two seasons.

“This year I told myself that to beat Stoner we needed the best Valentino. I tried to bring him out. I think I’ve found him and I am happy”

That statement is the perfect demonstration of a never give in, never say die attitude. It is no doubt one very good reason why Rossi has been world champion 7 times and is in a tight contest for his 8th. It is the kind of thing we as coaches talk about a lot – or as Napoleon Hill wrote in ‘Think and Grow Rich’, in order to achieve you must have a ‘burning desire’. Do you think Valentino knows this? You bet he does!

 Have a clear goal – align it with your values and remain focussed until you get there! It’s simple but not always easy.

World Champion again!

If you have been following my posts you will recall my comments on Valentino Rossi – well it’s been along time between drinks as they say but in case you have been hibernating for a month or two, Valentino did in fact win the championship!


If you had about the origins of the The AHA Factor, then with Valentino’s story we have a very good example of someone who has nothing to prove, he was already World Champion 7 times – he did not need to really get another one or did he?

I believe he did. For no other reason than by his own standards he knew inside himself that he could do better. If he had given his absolute best, then Valentino may have been somewhat content to be runner up however he knew that this was not the case. So he ‘became’ the best Valentino and the rest is history.

This reminds me of a quote from Mahatma Ghandi’:  “You must be change you wish to see in the world”

Rossi in Action

Here’s a bonus.  It’s some unbelievable action of Valentino Rossi at his best.



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