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Eating That Elephant

I’m sure you will be familiar with the question: “How do you eat an elephant?” And the answer is “one bite at a time”.
It is a useful analogy for setting big goals – you know the goals that get you closer to realizing your dream.
There’s power in dreaming big if you begin the journey toward getting what you want.
However it is also very easy to waste that power as you let things slip a little and before long your dream is still as far away as it always was.
Later on you might pick it up again only to let it go once more.
Have you ever experienced this? Getting excited and energised about an idea only to let it drop sometime later?
Have you ever experienced this cycle happening more than once in your life?
I bet you have, and you are not alone.
It is easy to have big dreams, and big plans, the kinds of desires that could transport you into another life a whole new way of being.
So why do you, and plenty of others, let them slip away?
Why do you slide back into mediocrity and let things ‘happen’ to you?
Imagine if you will, actually achieving that dream – what would your life be like, what would it look like, tastelike and feel like?
Take a few minutes perhaps with your eyes closed to get all of your senses tuned in to that ideal.
Coming back into reality now and notice how this feels – not so good huh?
What can you do?
Reset the goal – just make sure it is something you truly want.
Create an action plan, a series of small steps that take you forwards every day.
Find a coach or a mentor to help you stay on track.

Follow the steps outlined in Think and Grow Rich, Hill’s process works, providing you take the time to understand and implement his teaching.

This an excellent process for your own personal growth and success.

You must have faith in yourself that you can do it, you must believe you will get there and you must persist – do something evry day.

And beat your biggest enemy procrastination! You beat him by starting now – no excuses.

If you need help and or advice, email me. Just fill in the form at the top of my home page and lets’ make 2011 your best ever year!

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